Just Be...Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness

with Pauline Archer 

We in the west are coming to understand and acknowledge what Eastern cultures have known for centuries... that yoga meditation and mindfulness are good for your health and well-being.  Recent and on-going research using MRI and EEG techniques are now recording the many benefits of meditation. Practising yoga, meditation and mindfulness on a regular basis can help us press the pause button on our busy lives, becoming more mindful of our daily actions and more connected to our physical, emotional and spiritual selves.


Meditation & Mindfulness

Seated on chairs - Beginners Welcome  


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Group & Corporate Yoga

Yoga - Beginners and Intermediates welcome -

Calming and relaxing to help build strength and flexibility in the body whilst calming and quieting the mind

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Beginners and those who want to deepen their practice - seated on chairs

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Mindfulness is a way of paying close attention to and seeing clearly whatever is happening in our lives, moment by moment – it helps us to develop compassion for ourselves and others. It won’t stop life’s challenges and pressures, but it can help us deal with them in a calmer, clearer way that benefits ourselves and those around us. By de-stressing, calming the mind and relaxing the body it aids and supports us mentally, emotionally and physically and enhances our sense of well-being and happiness.

Meditation has been scientifically proven using MRI and EEG scanning to have many benefits for our well-being - mental, emotional and physical.

Regular meditation can help to relieve stress, anxiety and worry, reduce blood pressure and improve sleep, concentration and focus and there so many more proven health benefits.

My meditation and mindfulness courses are non religious and open to all, please come and join me...            

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