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Yoga and Meditation Makes Me Happy - Journey of an experienced teacher

Posted on 11 April, 2016 at 5:10 Comments comments (3)

Hi Everyone


This is my first blog on Yogaholics and thank you to Michael Weeks for inviting me to write about my passion for yoga, meditation and mindfulness.


“I first began my yoga journey when I was in my 20s purely as an exercise thing, you know what I mean, I had been attending a gym and was looking for something a bit different, something with meaning and a lifestyle to it. Well, from that came my passion for yoga followed very soon after by a deep love of meditation.”

I have been teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation for over 10 years now and run yoga classes and meditation courses in Stockton on Tees. The thing that sustains my passion is very simple…..yoga and meditation make me happy! If you’re new to yoga and meditation or just thinking about giving it a try I really urge you to take that first step and be welcomed into a world of happiness :-)


In 2012 I qualified as a meditation teacher with the British School of Mediation and loved the course so much I decided I would train to teach people to become teachers.


I now run the North East centre for the British School of Meditation and I can’t believe how popular the meditation teacher training courses have been. I think we need so many more teachers to fill what I think is becoming an absolute need for meditation and mindfulness for us all in this busy world of ours and I am so pleased to have brought it here to the north east, so many of these courses and workshops are in the south.

If anyone out there is interested in this Meditation Teacher Training course it is fully accredited by Ascentis and the qualification is nationally recognised by the government agency OFQUAL.

If you may be interested in coming on the course I would be delighted to have a chat about it. The link to my website and to the BSoM website is below with all the info much love to all.


British School of Meditation website: http://www.teaching-meditation.co.uk/


Just Be…Yoga & Meditation website: http://paulinearcher.vpweb.co.uk/


Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PaulineArcherYogaandMeditation/


Growing In The Garden

Posted on 29 March, 2016 at 4:35 Comments comments (2)

Growing In The Garden

Aaah, Easter Sunday, I’m sat looking into the garden from my kitchen table holding my mug of coffee and feeling a strange sense of relief….not because I’m not at work, or have caught up on my “to do” list (wishful thinking!) but because THE SHOPS ARE SHUT and his seems to present unlimited possibilities for the day ahead, the most appealing of which is the garden.

The garden looks clear, bright and peaceful and tempts me out. I know for certain the sense of calmness that I always feel when I immerse myself in routine gardening tasks, but as I look up to the sky and see dark clouds I begin to doubt what I already know - that being in the garden makes me feel calm and peaceful – and make excuses not to.

Images of it starting to rain are now in my mind and I now see the trees are blowing and a sense of how uncomfortable and unpleasant it would be for me in the garden begin to arise within me…perhaps I won’t go into the garden today.

Because I know from past experience that being in the garden connects me to nature and makes me feel alive I wrap up and step out. As expected it’s a bit chilly and breezy but just immersing myself in the feel and smell of the soil as I place seedlings into pots, the cool dampness of the earth as I plant my seedlings, the sound of the birds singing in the hedge close by all begin to work their magic. Just being in the garden brings a sense of focus and calm, the letting go of the doubts and fears of wind and rain bring peace and stillness and I feel my body relaxing. The mindful actions of the hands and the full awareness of the senses allow me to be fully present in the moment…enjoying every moment.

When we meditate we begin to know the sense of peace and stillness that is within us all and is available to us all. We learn to trust that although the rain and the wind will still be there (our distracting thoughts and emotions) the benefits that await us are so great we just begin to focus on the pure joy of meditating and sit down and begin

Do not to be critical of yourself when the distracting thoughts and emotions come, remember that we need the sun, the rain and the wind to make our seedlings grow, flourish and spread their seeds.

When we are calm and peaceful this spreads out from us to all those around us.

Happy Easter to all.

Pauline Archer - website: http://paulinearcher.vpweb.co.uk/

Become a Meditation Teacher: http://goo.gl/4fmYlR


The Power of the Mind

Posted on 6 March, 2016 at 10:20 Comments comments (0)

The Power of the Mind


I have just returned from an inspiring and informative day attending a British School of Meditation CPD day in Cheltenham. The speaker was Dr David Hamilton PhD who worked for 4 years in the pharmaceutical industry for AstraZeneca developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer and is now a bestselling author of 7 books published by Hay House. David now offers talks and workshops that use science to inspire - by using science, the mind and spiritual wisdom he gives a great insight into what is possible if we can only believe in ourselves.

During his talk David Hamilton explained and spoke about the power of the mind and its ability using meditation over time to bring about physiological changes in the brain which can in turn influence the way we feel mentally, emotionally and physically. He gave many examples of scientific studies and research which backed this up.

By using meditation we can lower blood pressure and the heart rate and reduce stress and anxiety in our lives. We can also use the power of the mind for positive thinking to give ourselves the confidence, courage and inspiration it takes to really focus on and follow our dreams and goals so we can grow and become the person we really want to be.

So, just by spending a few minutes every day sitting quietly, focusing on the gentle inflow and outflow of the breath and allowing the mind to become calm and still we begin to understand what is important to us. It is when we sit quietly with ourselves, away from the distraction of our busy world that our true nature arises within us. We find that place of quiet contentment and begin discover ourselves and things become clearer to us.

It is sometimes only by having the courage and commitment to go a little beyond our comfort zone that we can evolve and live our full potential.

Meditate...Empower...Grow !

Pauline Archer



How's Your Work/Life Balance ?

Posted on 29 February, 2016 at 5:00 Comments comments (1)



A stressful day at work can easily spill over in to fatigue, tensions and upsets in our home life - Try these 5 tips for a stress free work day:


1. Travelling to work you are stuck at traffic lights (again!)

Whilst you wait for the lights to change use this as an opportunity to calmly focus on your breath rather than feel stressed:

Begin taking a few long, slow, deep breaths and as you exhale relax your shoulders down, each breath out allows the shoulders to soften down more and more. When the lights change to green, notice how much calmer you are and continue your journey.


2. Arrive a few minutes early:

Park up and stay sitting for a while in your car or at your desk before you log on:

Just sit quietly, softly close your eyes and simply notice how you feel...place your hands on your lower abdomen and feel how the breath moves the belly...feel the belly gently expand as you inhale and feel it relax back as you exhale, continue for a few minutes and once again notice how you feel...


3. Mindful eating:

Before you begin to eat your lunch take a moment to just sit and look at your food, notice the colour, the aroma, the shape and texture as it sits on the table before you. Develop an attitude of gratitude within you as you prepare to eat. Very slowly take your first bite, enjoy, savour and really taste the food as if it’s the first time you have ever eaten it – continue to eat slowly and mindfully.


4. Before leaving your desk at the end of the day:

Sit quietly for a few minutes, take a two or three deep breaths, close your eyes and begin to visualise the day’s work...see yourself placing all your work in your desk drawer, locking the drawer and placing the key in a box on your desk knowing when you return the work will still be there ready to carry on, but for now leave it all behind and continue with the rest of your day.


5. Before sleep:

Gently close your eyes and take a few minutes to scan your body, begin with the head and face, moving to the neck and shoulders, chest, back, arms and hands. Continue with the hips, thighs, lower legs and finish with the feet and toes. As you scan notice any tension or tightness and try to breath into that area. Feel each part of your body slowly softening, releasing and relaxing, breathing slowly and deeply allow yourself to completely let go and drift into restful night’s sleep.

Awake refreshed, relaxed and ready for another stress free day...

Pauline Archer - 07932 235468